How to solve the 520 error that appears very often?

good morning, I often receive this 520 error and I don’t know how to resolve it: I attach the requested code here, in case it could help

Cloudflare Ray ID: 88019a2a2fe1bb38 •

what can be done to resolve it? I asked the hosting they say to ask the developer, and the developer can’t solve the problem
Thank you


A [520 error] (Troubleshooting Cloudflare 5XX errors · Cloudflare Support docs) happens when your origin returns a response that is unexpected.

There are two key instances where this can happen in my experience:

  1. Your web server or networking equipment (Firewall, Load Balancer) reset the TCP connection after it was established. Sometimes when a web server crashes it will reset the connection. Check your web server error log for the timescale that the error occurred in and look for any error messages.
  2. Your web server returned an invalid response that exceeded our limits. Often this can happen if your web server is returning too many/too large headers. This is often caused by runaway scripts that return too many cookies, for example. The Code Igniter PHP framework has some known bugs around this too.

If the issue is still happening to you, you may need to contact support and share all the info with them

Hi, I have changed in the Cloudflare dns by putting all records from proxy to dns only, and at the moment I no longer see the error: could that be the reason? Do you know if there are any contraindications to doing this? Thanks

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