How to solve Error 522 Connection timed out

Hi everyone;

Approximately i used CloudFlare 1 year my website. I use freeplan and i changed my hosting services 1 week ago. Before i did not see this notice (Error 522 Connection timed out) .

My website:

I talked my hosting services and they did not blocked CF ip or dns. How can i solve this problem.

Can someone help me?

It’s usually the host rate limiter control. You have to tell your host to turn it off. Some rate limiters do not heed to the whitelist. I found a weird way to solve mine. Did not think it would work. But it did. I installed one of the free cdn plugins that also stores js and css as well as images. I no longer get that the error. I used the shift8 free cdn. I could not tell you if it’s the best one. Don’t know much about cdn, first time using one.

Why it works? My only opinion is that somehow the cdn, which is where cloudflare now gets the majority of data, does not register as individual hits on the server so it does not trigger the server rate limiter.

If there is a better faster cdn, maybe someone reading this will let me know.

Hi, The same issue i am facing with my website kindly also suggest me some easy solution for this because im not to tecnical

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