How to solve blank page?

Hello guys, Robby here. my website : showing blank page, on some devices (both mobile and desktop).
This is happening especially for browser who has visit our page before we move to cloudfare.
But in the desktop, it will be back to normal if we press ctrl+f5.
The problem is with mobile user, especially with Metamask in apps browser.
Any idea on how to solve this?

I was able to load the site just fine on both my mobile and through my browser. Worth having clearing the cache to see if that helps.

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Yes, the problem arise for those who has ever open the page before.
I tried purging the cache several times from our CloudFare , but it didnt work

You should have people who visited it before clear their browsers cache.
Guides for Chrome and Firefox

Thanks for helping out Jake, the problem is some used Metamask in-app browser for mobile decentralized wallet and there is no options to ctrl+f5.
There is an option for clearing cache in the setting, but it doesnt work.

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