How to solve Access is denied (os error 5) on "wrangler generate"

My system: Windows 10 2004

  • stable-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc (default)
  • rustc 1.45.2 (d3fb005a3 2020-07-31)
  • cargo 1.45.1 (f242df6ed 2020-07-22)

My wrangler is installed using cargo install wrangler, wrangler version is 1.10.3.

When I use wrangler generate, I always get the following result, even if I run in administrator mode, the result is still the same, so I installed cargo-generate using cargo install cargo-generate, and the result is still the same.
How can I solve this problem?

PS > wrangler generate --site my-site
  Installing cargo-generate v0.5.0...
Error: could not download `cargo-generate`
Access is denied (os error 5)
PS > cargo install cargo-generate
    Updating index
     Ignored package `cargo-generate v0.5.0` is already installed, use --force to override

Ok, I think this may be a bug, I don’t have this problem in WSL.