How to show challenge to everyone except Google?

I want to stop content scraping and cloning my site but not affecting my search engine traffic
so, I add two rules in firewall setting in Cloudflare

1- Allow >> ( to allow known bots (such as Google)
2- Challenge >> (ssl) to show challenge page for everyone else

Unfortunately, my organic traffic dropped by 90% and back to full traffic again immediately after I delete above 2 rules

My question is, how to show challenge to everyone except Google?

Can you post a screenshot of your firewall rules?

Here you are

Any help guys

is there any support mail for Cloudflare to contact them regarding this issue?

One rule should actually be enough

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Thanks for your help, but may i ask - what is “asnum ne 15169” means?

That means challenge everybody who’s not from Google’s network.

First of all, thnx guys for your help

I add above rules but unfortunately, it blocked bing bot as well because I test “fetch as bingbot” in Bing WMT and it showed 503 error

so, I added another rule
Allow >>>>> ( to allow known bots (such as Google and Bing)

will it keep blocking content scraping?


Of course that rule will block Bing → “Everyone except Google”

Yes, i know - but my question is:

I added a new rule +plus+ your rule which is
Allow >>> ( to allow known bots (such as Google and Bing)

will it (my new rule) keep blocking content scraping?

If you want to allow all known bots you can simply skip the AS check in the configuration I posted.

so, how is the final rule should looks like?
thnx 4 your help and sorry for many questions

I am not sure about your question as my previous answer should have been pretty clear.

If you want to challenge everyone except for known bots you use aforementioned rule and simply omit the check for the AS. Whats not clear about that?

“and simply omit the check for the AS”

i don’t know how to omit the check for the AS,
because i don’t know the meaning of these rules :smiley:

If you want to allow what Cloudflare considered good bots and challenge everyone else you would remove everything from the rule which was not (not


I have two rules now :-

(ip.geoip.asnum ne 15169) or (not >>>>>> JS Challenge
( >>>>>> Allow

according to your suggestion, it should be like the following

(ip.geoip.asnum ne 15169) >>>>>> JS Challenge
( >>>>>> Allow

Am I correct?

Unfortunately, I lost organic traffic again after I apply your rules and gain it after I removed

Well, first it is not my rule :wink: second, you are challenging everything that is not a known bot, so I am not surprised traffic dropped.

Third from what I can tell you did not implement the rule as suggested but challenge everything that is not Google.

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I add it exactly like you suggested in the first day, and the traffic dropped too.
in the second day, i allowed all known bots but traffic keep drops

so, is there any other suggestion that may work?
thnx 4 ur help