How to share build logs from cloudflare pages with another member?

I’m hosting a site for someone on cloudflare pages. I’ve pointed their domain to the site and given nameservers to cloudflare. I’ve shared the domain permissions with them, but they are not able to see the build logs affiliated with cloudflare pages. so if they make a change on github and push, they won’t be able to see what’s causing any sort of build failures. They do not have permission to this page. Is there a way around this?

Hi There

I’m not sure but I believe that if they are ‘members’ of your account, it might be better to view/edit their ‘role scope’

Maybe this documentation will help:

Another way to ‘share’ is to use the API to share information about the Deployments of the page in question:

Get deployment


Get deployment logs


You can also use GitHub Action to make Deployments visible in the GitHub account in question, but to see the Logs you will have to be a member of your Cloudflare Account:

Lastly, but I think this is not what you want, there is the possibility of downloading the Logs (.log) of the Deployment in question