How to setup URL Redirect?

Hello! I have a website setup for here on Cloudflare and am trying to setup a redirect from the URL to the URL – how do I get this working? Here’s waht I’ve tried so far…

  1. setting this up as a page rule for ‘forwarding URL’ - didn’t seem to work.
  2. setting it up as a transform rule for ‘URL rewrite’ - also didn’t seem to work.

What am I missing?

Appreciate support on solving this!

So what exactly do you want to redirect? Not the hostname?

You want to redirect from /join-hilluminate-mastermind to /join?invitation_token=80dc2549f8c138a1c6465700ca8df777ba943e33-0ee7aa6f-e205-4b54-b39a-8c8bf849b0f8?

In that case Redirecting One Domain to Another would be the right tutorial. Just adjust the URLs.

Pay particular attention to the hostname setup, as you currently do not have a record for your naked domain.

Assuming you are hosting your site at that service where your www host is currently pointing to, I am afraid you won’t be able to set up the redirect as you won’t be able to proxy the record.

Thanks for the detailed responses! Yeah I guess it’s not technically workable. I got a workaround setup using a subdomain that I’ve synced with for custom short links!

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