How to setup subdomain pointing to on Cloudflare to get SSL?



I am trying to get Hostgator to work for providing a SSL certificate for 2 subdomains pointing to newsletters. However, after three attempts I don’t have much faith in them getting it to work. I will wait the couple of hours as I have for the last two times but I don’t really expect anything to change.

So, I would like to know how to setup a subdomain on cloudflare DNS in order to get Cloudflare’s SSL for the subdomain? Again the subdomains are pointing to a newsletter.

I would just like to know the proper setup for the DNS records in order to get this to work hopefully.

I would have to point my domain names back to Cloudflare and then add certain DNS records for the subdomain?

I did see some literature of Cloudflare’s on this but I want to make sure I get it right since this seems to be a touchy process if it can be done at all?

Anyhow, any advice on doing this on Cloudflare and getting it to work would be great.




I’ve not used, but they have instructions that should help you out. I know it says GoDaddy, but the same principles apply to your Cloudflare DNS settings. Just scroll down until you get to the MANAGE DNS section.

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