How to setup streaming service with cloudflare

Hi, here’s my problem.
I have a site with some videostreaming but cloudflare blocked them for me because they violate the conditions. How can I put my site on cloudflare and allow streaming of the videos I uploaded to my server? It’s possible?
Or how can i use cloudflare even if I have streams on the site?

You will need to create a separate DNS entry for the streaming media, and set it as :grey: on your DNS dashboard.

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How can i do that if my site and videos are inside the same server?

You will need to create a second virtual host on your server. This is a trivial configuration, and you will find the config easily using a normal search engine, with a search like “Nginx virtual host” or similar. Any modern web server or hosting platform will support many, many hostnames on one server.

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Hi, if you want to use Cloudflare Stream, you can goto your Dashboard and click on “Stream”. Stream is a paid product, with price starting at $5 per month per 1000 minutes stored (and $1 per 1000 minutes watched). Once you have a subscription, you can drag and drop the videos and then copy/paste the embed code on your site.