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I am working on a friends website, I want to add a SSL certificate to his website. But as he doesn’t wanna spent much money. We both decided to go for the free SSL from Cloudflare.

Now let me be honest here. Last time I created a website was in 2012. So I forgot most of the things. I would be glad if someone help me to explain me how to setup the SSL from start I will be glad.

I am using as my hosting and cPanel to manage the hosting.


These days you can have a free TLS certificate even without Cloudflare. If you still sign up with Cloudflare, they will issue one automatically (it can take up to 24 hours however).

At that point you can decide if you want to keep the connection between Cloudflare and your server unencrypted or - which probably is a better choice - encrypt it as well. In the former case you would have to keep the TLS mode at “Flexible” (connection to Cloudflare is encrypted, the one onwards to your server not), otherwise it should be set to either “Full” or “Full (strict)”.


Well. I did everything correctly. still I am getting a not secure message when I am trying to visit the site with https.

I kept it in flexible right now but I wanna change it to Full (strict) when it’ll work perfectly. Need help.

Here’s the website link


When did you sign up for Cloudflare? It can take up to 24 hours for the certificate to be fully active.

However you also get different content based on HTTP and HTTPS and that is most likely because of the configuration on your origin server. It would seem the HTTPS port serves a different directory than the HTTP port. You would need to check that on your server.


well its more than 24 hours now. and I installed it perfectly on the HTTPS port. IDK what might be the issue.


I’d contact their support.

However there is still something wrong on your server side too, as it serves different content for HTTPS.


I’ve reordered the SSL cert. If it isn’t working in 24 hours I would recommend opening a support ticket.

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