How to setup SRV record for ssh?

Hello. How can i setup SRV record for ssh?
E.g my domain is and ip adress is I want to be able to connect to shh by and this record have to only work on port 22 (SSH).
What should i type in:

  1. name:
  2. service
  3. protocol
  4. weight
  5. port
  6. target

Thanks for help!

Your typical SSH client does not support SRV records, so you will always have to specify the port too.

It might be that Apple’s client supports it, in which case you set it up like an other SRV record and specify the port in it. That’s it. But again, SSH typically does not support it at all.

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Ok. If so how can I make alias or something which can I use to connect to SSH and it have to only work on selected port?

With SSH you cannot, you always need to specify the port. This is also rather a question for StackExchange than here I am afraid.

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