How to setup reverse lookup for email server

I have setup a hMail server on a VPS hidden behind a firewall. The dns address that points to this, e.g. is hosted on cloud flare as it protects our websites, hosted on the same server. I can send email to some providers but not others. I have setup SPF, DKIM and DMARC and that all appears to be working well but spam assasin seems to not like it because cloud flare doesnt seem to allow me to create a reverse lookup? How can I get around this issue? Thanks in advance

RDNS_NONE Delivered to internal network by a host with no rDNS

Thats a question rather for StackExchange and alike.

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How so? If i was controlling the DNS I would use a PTR record to create the reverse lookup but it looks as if Cloudflare do not support this. Is that correct? If so, are there anyways i can use Cloudflare to get round it, e.g. forward the dns elsewhere for or something like that?

You - or whoever controls the IP address of your mail server - controls the reverse lookup for your mail server’s IP address. That IP address will never be Cloudflare’s, so Cloudflare is not involved here to begin with.

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Thanks for the hostility, much appreciated. I am not trying to blame Cloudflare so no need to get defensive. This isn’t really my area of expertise so I was hoping someone friendly may be able to point me in the right direction

Excuse me? Hostility? I am really not sure what to suggest if you consider it hostile when you are told that you are asking at the wrong place.

This is not about blaming Cloudflare or being defensive (which in my case would not even make sense, as I am not really affiliated with Cloudflare) but simply about pointing out the obvious. This forum is for Cloudflare related question. Your question is about reverse lookups and that is something Cloudflare is not remotely involved in. You need to contact whomever is responsible for your IP address and make sure they have the right entries set up.

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I would expect that would be your raw IP address, as Cloudflare won’t proxy email. Are you saying that DNS for your mail server is set to :orange:?

I’d also give a try to have it analyze your email setup.

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Thanks, I used the link you suggested and have found that my mail server is on a blacklist! I have been able to self remove and will keep an eye on it. I suspect I got on the list when I was setting up my mail server as it was not working initially as I had configured it incorrectly. points to my VPS’s fixed public ip as an A record. I also have an A record for with the same ip address. I have set to DNS Only :grey:

Thank you for your assistance, it is much appreciated. I am a developer and a bit out of my depth with this!

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