How to setup Postgres TCP connection through Cloudflare Tunnel?

I currently route many https services through Cloudflare Tunnel; these work really well.
However I’m having a hard time forwarding TCP connections through the tunnel.

Here’s some context about my tunnel setup

I’m running a tunnel in a separate server on AWS.
Currently I forward many http applications though that tunnel.

I have an AWS RDS Postgres database that I’d like to forward through the tunnel as well.

Obviously the Postgres database is a managed database therefore it is not running on the same server where the tunnel is running.

I tried to set up the tcp connection using the cloudflared access tcp command as so:
cloudflared access tcp --tunnel-host --url


Here’s the error that I get:

2022-10-11T17:58:13Z INF Start Websocket listener
2022-10-11T17:58:13Z ERR Error on Websocket listener error="failed to start forwarding server: listen tcp HOST_IP:5432: bind: cannot assign requested address"

where HOST_IP is the IP address of the my postgres db hostname (not the real hostname btw)

What am I doing wrong?

Is it possible to forward a tcp connection from a remote host?

I took the example from this Cloudflare blog post here

Thank you so much!!

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