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Hello, I need to enable Cloudflare for a domain (DNS Zone) on Azure, I can’t update the nameserver of the domains, Azure won’t allow me to delete the pre-added name server and because of that, I can’t get the Cloudflare to be enabled.

I don’t know what is my client’s domain registrar and they are not helping to solve this issue

the domain extension is ""

Is there any way to solve this out?

Thank you.

The nameserver records need to be changed where the domain is registered, not where it is hosted.

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That’s logical, but in Azure it is not possible to remove the 4 pre-populated DNS server addresses.
I can add the two cloudfare ones, but cloudfare won’t accept it while the azure ones are still there.
Is there a workaround?

You cannot make this change from Azure, it can only be made at the domain registrar.

WhoIs tells me my domain is registered (through MS) with
I have no user account or means of managing things there
Their help page says if domain is ‘Registered with Wild West Domains, but hosted at another company and using their nameservers’ (which is the case with mine, hosted on azure, then to manage the dns zone files ‘You’ll need to manage DNS through your hosting company’
Which takes me full circle back to azure.
Where it’s not possible to delete the pre-defined DNS records.
So I’m stuck.

Okay, then the change must be made at Wild West Domains. You aren’t managing records within a zone file so that sentence does not apply.

Wherever you delegated the domain to Azure is where you need to go to change to Cloudflare.

Azure preventing you from removing their nameservers is doing you a favour, you’d end up with a horizontal delegation if they allowed this change which is prohibited and will not resolve.

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