How to setup my domain with my website hosted on Netlify?

I have bought a domain from godaddy “”.
I put nameservers in godaddy given by cloudflare. And now it is showing
on cloudflare.

Now my website is hosted on netlify with “”. How can I connect my website to my domain through cloudflare?

Second Problem statement is, there’s another website hosted on netlify “”. I want to put it on my subdomain “”.

How can I achieve both of these things.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You’ll need to configure Netlify to assign your domain’s hostnames to your projects. Once that’s done you just configure your DNS here to point to whatever Netlify tells you to.

Hey, Thanks for the reply.

But I want to point my cloudflare’s DNS to godaddy (my domain provider) and then I want to try connect to my host (netlify). I got to know about CNAME and was thinking in that direction.

Can you please help me with that.


It sounds like you have GoDaddy pointing at Cloudflare for DNS, and now you want Cloudflare’s DNS to point back to GoDaddy for a site hosted on Netlify? That doesn’t makes sense.

That link I provided should show how to set up your hostname on Netlify, and which DNS records you should add to Cloudflare to get that to work.

If you want to leave Cloudflare out of this, then you’d have to go back to GoDaddy to stop pointing at Cloudflare for DNS, and handle all your Netlify domain records at GoDaddy.

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