How to setup my domain with Ionos?

I have my domain name registered with Cloudflare as well as I have a CDN account.
I’m trying to change my hosting provider to Ionos.
They asked me to confirm the domain ownership by adding a TXT record, which I did, and I received the following message:
“Your website is now accessible through your external domain Your domain registrar has made all the necessary name server entries. You can use your domain with immediate effect.”

As far as I understand, I still need to set the encrypted connection between Cloudflare and Ionos but I’m not sure how to do it.

  1. Do I need to somehow point A record to the Ionos IP for their account?
  2. How to I add Cloudflare SSL to Ionos, has it been done before?

Ionos doesn’t have cPanel, so their interface is really hard to navigate thru, if I ask them questions, what should I ask for?

Thank you,


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