How to setup MX record on cloudflare for amazon mail server

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I am using amazon AWS to send email for my web site, may I know how can I config the DNS record in Cloudflare ?

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Can you be a little more specific?

Are you running a mail server as a virtual machine hosted in AWS or are you using Amazon SES to relay your outbound emails?

MX records are used to direct senders to where you receive email, which may not be the same server as where you send email. Sending email makes no use of MX records. Your outgoing email will benefit from an accurate SPF record, though. If your outbound mail service can DKIM sign on behalf of your domain, publishing DKIM records is also useful.

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I’m so sorry that I’m new on Name server and DNS

I use Amazon Simple email system (SES) to send email from my web site, it just like a SMTP services, and I will only use my domain to receive email, may I know what should I need to setup in Cloudflare ?


The only thing you need to do with Cloudflare in relation to sending email with Amazon SES is to configure the relevant DNS records used to validate your email as authentic.

Here is a third-party page with an overview and links to the relevant Amazon SES documentation.

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well noted with thanks

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