How to setup 'Just a moment page'

I’m new to Cloudflare and can’t figure out how to enable the Turnstile ‘Just a moment please’ captcha verification page for certain pages on the site.

For example fanfiction dot net, they have this verification when you go to any post page.

How to implement it? Thanks in advance.

It looks like they’re using a Custom Rule (Security → WAF → Custom Rules) to force a Interactive Challenge on specific pages.

You could also enable Under Attack Mode in the overview which forces a JS Challenge which wouldn’t require Interaction but still show a challenge on all pages.

This does result in poor experience though, and unless you know you have a Bot problem/need to protect a page/etc, I would shy away from it. Sites like Discord stay protected behind Cloudflare without degrading the user experience by using specific tools like Rate Limits and crafted WAF Rules, only enabling more if needed. Cloudflare also offers Bot Fight Mode (Free) or Super Bot Fight Mode (Paid) under Security → Bots to try to more intelligently target bots at the cost of some false positives, if that’s your intent.

Thank you. We will look into it.