How to setup image resizing?

I have an e-commerce website on WordPress and I’m using the Pro Cloudflare plan, but I’m not sure how to change the URL formats of my images on my website in order to use the image resizing feature.

Is it WooCommerce plugin or?

May I ask if you’re going to change some code in your WordPress theme? If so, it might require some WordPress development experience to modify it and use it.

I’d use either picture element with source, otherwise srcset attribute to have multiple sizes of each image available (resized on-the-fly via Cloudflare Image Resizing product).

Except, if there isn’t already some plugin available to do that for you to replace that code automatically based on the needs and which uses Cloudflare API to do it in the background :thinking:

Hopefully the theme won’t be updated because it would overwrite your modifications, except if it isn’t being configured to be used as a “child theme” of your primary (default) used one.

Furthermore, WordPress by default does crop an uploaded image to the other smaller sizes defined in the Options → Media.

Hi thank you for your reply.

Yes it is using WooCommerce for the e-commerce.

That’s what I’m looking for really, a plugin to replace the code for me using my Cloudflare API, they do have their own plugin but it doesn’t seem to handle images.

For any code injection, I use code snippets.

Yes I am aware of the WP media resizing, but I was hoping to store images on Cloudflare and have them directly scaled to the exact dimensions needed (WP has fixed dimensions that can be used)

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