How to setup full ssl after bought a certificate com CL?


Good afternoon dear friends,

I have a doubt about SSL through CloudFlare:

1. I ordered an SSL from CloudFlare ( US$5 )
2. I wanna change from “Flexible” to “Full (strict)”, how could I do it? I know I need to put the certificate in the hosting of my server, but where I get the certificate data/files?

Thank you all and sorry if I’m in the wrong area, I’m just new here and I’m currently learning.
Hope you all have a good day.


Is this the Dedicated Certificate you ordered from the Crypto Page under Edge Certificates? That cert stays here at Cloudflare.

If you scroll down a bit more, you get to the Origin Certificates section where you can get a certificate to install on your server. Installation of this cert depends on what kind of access you have to your web server.

If your hosting provider can get you a Let’s Encrypt certificate, that’d be the easiest way to go.