How to setup cloudflare ssl in my domain?

My blog both domain and hosting is of Bigrock and I want to transfer my hosting from bigrock to godaddy. After changing hosting what to do to use cloudflare ssl? please reply

If your site is working right now with Cloudflare, you don’t need to do anything here. Just make sure that you have SSL at GoDaddy for your domain.

i know that, now i am in bigrock but after a week i move my hosting to godaddy… Please tell me what the process to activate cloudflare ssl if i change my hosting provider?

PLease anyone resolve my doubt?

Can any one slove my problem?

If you already have Cloudflare, changing domain registrars won’t break SSL.

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Both my hosting and domain belongs to Bigrock, since my hosting will be expire in Jan 2020, i am planning to move on Godaddy with in a week without deleting my Bigrock hosting… is there any issue in my ssl occurs when i switch my hosting without deleting previous hosting ? Pl. Answer

I am not changing my domain registrar…

Waiting for reply .

Is anyone here who can solve my problem?

Your question has been answered twice.

Change the IPs on your dashboard from Bigrock to GoDaddy. Done.

If you’re using Full (strict) SSL, ensure that there is a valid SSL certificate on your GoDaddy server.

That’s it.


yes i know that everyone replying to my query butno one resolve my issue… anyway if you dnt know how to solve my problem them pl. dnt reply.

Hi @ravi.saw002,

Perhaps you could re-phrase your question, as it seems to me to have been answered thoroughly between the three replies you received.


I got it… Thank your your valuable support…

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Please let me clear that after switching to other hosting i have to change ip from dashboard>>DNS>>content ?

You need to change the number which is in the format to whatever the new hosting provider will give you. Correct.