How to setup Cloudflare rules for vBulletin 5.7.2


I upgrade from vBulletin 4.3 to v5.7.2. PHP version is 7.4.2

Our website is and the vBulletin forums are installed at Forums - Data Recovery Forums . We enable Cloudflare Pro for the whole domain, so the forums subdirectory is also affected.

Before starting upgrading, I pause Cloudflare on our site. The upgrade process is OK. And then I enable Cloudflare and then I login the Admin CP.

Then I notice that from time to time, the Admin CP will ask me to login repeatedly, or some frames requires to login.

So how to setup the rules or other configurations so that Cloudflare can work with vBulletin 5.7.2?

More detailed information is posted on vBulletin forum at Using Cloudflare with vBulletin 5.7.2 - vBulletin Community Forum


Hi @ccw

To ensure Cloudflare works well with vBulletin 5.7.2, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare account.
  2. Go to the ‘Page Rules’ tab for your domain.
  3. Click ‘Create Page Rule’.
  4. In the URL field, add your forum URL with a wildcard (e.g.Forums - Data Recovery Forums).
  5. Add these settings in the same order:
    a. Cache Level: Bypass
    b. Disable Performance
  6. Click ‘Save and Deploy’ to apply the new rule.

This will bypass Cloudflare’s caching and performance features for your vBulletin forums to avoid login issues.

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