How to setup CloudFlare inbuilt email MX record for outgoing mails

Good day community,

I am using the new feature of Cloudflare inbuilt MX Record (, which requires incoming emails to be routed to an existing email address/es.

Please how do I setup SMTP Settings for outgoing mails when using Cloudflare inbuilt email MX records and is there terms and conditions for it ?

Kindly assist, thank you!

You don’t. Cloudflare only supports mail forwarding. For sending you need your own mail provider and need to contact them for details.


Yes, but the web hosting MX record has been override by Cloudflare MX record. Should I input their MX record on the Cloudflare dashboard and I hope there would not conflict with each other (web hosting MX record with Cloudflare own??)

Right, because you are using the forwarding service. This is not related to sending. If you want to send emails, you need to contact your mail provider for the details on the SMTP server you should use.

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Great and thanks for replying swiftly.

Alternatively, please can you provide a link on how to use custom domain email on Gmail and is there any service that provide unlimited email sending via Gmail?

My pleasure. As for your question, I am afraid that is beyond the scope of the forum and I refer to StackExchange or Reddit.

As for MX, you need to decide if you want to use forwarding or your host’s servers. You cannot use both.

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Thank you so much… You far too kind @sandro. This topic will be closed now!