How to setup cloudflare dns with Mobile network?


How to setup cloudflare dns with Mobile network?
I see only instruction with wifi connection.But how to enanle the dns when connected with Provider mobile data? Provide details for iphone and android.


you really cant.
neither android nor ios allow you to change the DNS servers.

you will need to use a VPN app to route the DNS

on android i use
but it doesnt support #DoH


I’ve been able to benefit from this by setting up a RaspberryPi, using dnsmasq and OpenVPN. After inputting settings into my router for I’ve then made a VPN connection into my home network, thus benefitting from this DNS address no.matyer how I connect.


the overhead of the VPN largely outdoes the benefits of how fast your DNS is.


You may be able to use a 3rd party tool like dnscloak on iOS, but I don’t believe there is a way to do this natively.


Speed is not my personal concern. Privacy from my ISPs (both Broadband and Cellular) DNS systems is my priority.


but you said you set your router to use
that wont add any extra privacy.

to achieve that you need DoH or DoT


Even when I use a browser which does? Such as Firefox Beta?

Since changing my DNS to it now shows as no DNS when I check and dnsleaktest. Doesn’t this mean traffic is encrypted?


when using a VPN, the DNS server you see will either be your local dns or the one at the end of the vpn endpoint, depending on how you push settings to the vpn client.
so there is a chance your browser is not actually using #DoH