How to setup allowlist Cloudflare IPs on origin web server

Our web server applies nginx/1.14.0. How can we setup the allowlist Cloudflare IPs on our origin server ?

David Ho

I believe below link contains information about what and how to Allow Cloudflare IPs to connect to your origin host/server - for Nginx:

Cloudflare IP addresses list can be found here:

Furthermore, check if you have got any other Firewall before your origin host/server, if using a dedicated server or for example Google Cloud Platform, etc., therefore you might need to add them there too to make sure Cloudflare can connect.

Nevertheless, I would also suggest you to setup this as far as you might want to avoid possible issues with your web applications (or WordPress, etc.) to have the real visitor IP in your log files instead of Cloudflare’s, while using proxy :orange: for your domain:


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