How to setup Advanced Certificate Manager

I am trying to disable “weak” ciphers, one of the post i read here is to buy the advanced certificate manager so that i can disable it there. however, before i buy it, i need some info on how to configure the ACM. tried searching youtube and this site but no step-by-step guide to show how to setup the new cert.

will the cert from ACM be a wildcard as well just like the universal cert? Will it be coming from cloudflare as well?

For ACM, you have to specify the hostnames, which may include a wildcard. You can also choose the CA for it: Either Let’s Encrypt, or DigiCert (the CA for “Cloudflare” certs).

Thanks for the reply @sdayman. will the certificate loading/renewal be automatically done by Cloudflare or do we need to do it ourselves? Will there be extra charges if we use DigiCert aside from the $10 monthly charge?

ACM auto-renews just like any other cert here.

No charge for choosing Let’s Encrypt or DigiCert. Still $10/month.


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