How to setup a second TLD for a Cloudfare linked Domain

We have a multidomain drupal 7 application. This is a single application, but is accessible over multiple TLD’s.

Is it possible to direct other domains (with cnames) to the Cloudflare linked domain and also make use of the caching setup of that domain.

So: is setup in Cloudflare (awesome!!!)

But I also want to let “aliases” of this domain go through Cloudflare:

We use this to determine “language” and stuff to serve different content. But the source (drupal 7) of the assets is the same instance of an application.

So is this possible?

Hi @jeffrey2,

‘Alias’ domains don’t exist in Cloudflare, you have to configure each domain separately. You can add the domains you want to your account, but you will have to configure them all separately.

But what does the CNAME feature allow for the Business Plan?

This answers it I think:

The CNAME setup is for a site to use Cloudflare without changing the nameservers to Cloudflare’s.

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