How to setup a personal DNS server?

I am looking to transfer my domains to Cloudflare but, I am wondering how Cloudflare handles personal nameservers?

For example, I currently use namecheap and my business domain is setup as my nameserver such that my clients all point their DNS to and – If I move over to Cloudflare, will have to use their nameservers. What will my clients do?

Can they still directly point to and Will there be anything special I need to do in Cloudflare to set this up? Can I do what needs to be done using their free plan?

Thanks in advance. I hope I did a decent job explaining this.

If you’re going to continue running your own DNS server for client DNS, then yes, it will still work. You’ll have A records set up for ns1 and ns2 and they can still be used by other domains as their DNS settings. Your own domain can be using Cloudflare’s authoritative DNS without interfering with this.

If you want to use Cloudflare to run authoritative DNS for the client domains, then you will need to add those domains to Cloudflare and have the clients set their nameservers to the assigned Cloudflare ones.

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