How to setup a page to allow a port number to be used at the end

Long story short, Im trying to use my page and my reverse proxy for setting up my dedicated server for palworld. Palworld requires you to have the server address formatted as “example(dot)com:8211” so you have to have the “:8211” otherwise it will not accept it. Tried setting up my server through my reverse proxy through nginx like I normally do, but going to “example(dot)com:8211” wont work in palworld. If I set it to “myip4adress:8211” it works fine, but if I use my actual page I have setup, it does not work. Hoping theres a way around this, thanks!

Cloudflare’s proxy can only be used on these ports…

Instead you can just use the domain/subdomain name without a port and then tell Cloudflare to connect to the origin server on port 8211 using origin rules…

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Palworld uses UDP for its Game Port. To proxy that with Cloudflare, you need Spectrum Enterprise.

Best to set the DNS record to DNS-only instead.

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Yep that did it, thanks!