How to setup a Comodo COMODO EV SSL Certificate to use CloudFlare?

I’ve had a COMODO EV SSL Certificate for a few years now, but now want to use it along with CloudFlare on my dedicated IP and server that I have at LW.

Comodo is saying I need to:

The first step in the certificate issuance process is to generate a Certficate Signing Request (CSR) on your webserver software.

Your CSR should look something like this:

Please enter the CSR for your COMODO EV SSL Certificate in the box below:|

If you are using a web-host, contact your provider and request a CSR.

I am trying to setup this COMODO EV SSL Certificate for my domain name:

Can someone assist me on what I need to do, to get all DNS and CNAME files or everything setup so I can benefit from the COMODO EV SSL Certificate as well as CloudFlare?


Server certificates are separate from the Cloudflare certificate for your domain.

Keep the Comodo cert on your server so you can maintain a Full (Strict) SSL connection from end to end.

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Keep @sdayman’s answer in mind, even with Cloudflare your origin server should be responding with a valid SSL certificate over port 443.

First, make sure you are a Cloudflare Business customer. Only Business and Enterprise customers can upload custom certificates that will show up in the browser:

For your issue, you first need to order the EV SSL certificate manually. This can sometimes be done via a web widget on comodo’s own website, or if they don’t offer that, you may need to use local OpenSSL commands to generate the CSR and private key.

Once you have that, you can give the CSR to comodo and they will send you back a certificate (.pem or .crt) that you can use.

First, you should install this at your Web Hosting provider or on your web server as said above. This will keep the connection between Cloudflare and your origin server encrypted.

Then you can upload that certificate to Cloudflare on your Business plan domain, follow the " Managing Custom SSL certificates" linked article to upload the certificate.


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