How to setup 2 domains (one for each language of same site)

Hi, again here, after a change to own server environment.
I am curious on how to make the setup when I have 2 domains for multilingual WPML setup.

.net for other language (default)
.com for English

I understood that I can setup only 1 domain at the time. And the .com is actually the same server.

Any tips on this please? I did not find instructions on this kind of setup unfortunately. I did start the .net configuration - should I just add then the .com when .net is ready?


Thank you for asking.

If you would like both of them to be on Cloudflare, you should add both of them to your Cloudflare account.

I even have setups where 1 domain is at CF, other 2 are not while using WPML.

You can also combine different plan per each domain (zone), if so:

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Oh yes, there is also the option not to transfer both to Cloudflare, right… I will wait for the 24h name server change and will check how it looks on main site only.
Would this make the other language slow, like without Cloudflare, I guess?

I’m sorry I did not really get the idea would both “one domain per plan” or “both domains in same plan” would be equally good options?

Thank you for asking.

This :point_up:

Each domain has it’s own plan (free for example) → one domain per plan.

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