How to setting Aruba's domain to pointing a website on Cloudflare

Hello everyone, I’m an italian user and I need help about a configuration to make something like the object.
First of all I have to say that I have not much familiarity with DNS, Record A, CNAME so in generally with computers networks.
Anyway, I have an Aruba’s domain (hosting + mail) and a website ( on Cloudflare and I would like that my Aruba’s domain could pointing to the website on Cloudflare.
I didnt know if this was possible but the Aruba’s support said to me that was possible in two ways:

  1. using the Cloudflare server and setting the Cloudflare’s “ns” of my site ( on my panel in Aruba with the need to set Aruba’s mail “MX” values on Cloudflare’s panel;
  2. setting a valid “Record A” and “CNAME” of my website on Cloudflare, leaving the server of the mail on Aruba settings.
    But unfortunately in the first case I have problems with the mail because I do not receive more mails (every mail send to my inbox send a delivery’s error) , while in the second case when I have a 1016 error.
    For this reason could anyone help me to know how to set the Aruba’s panel to point my hosting on my website on Cloudflare…? Is it possible to do this?
    In a short words is it possible that when I digit my Aruba’s hosting on internet address bar it can point to my site on Cloudflare…?
    Thanks to anyone that can help me to resolve this problem.

P.S.: sorry for my english and I hope that I managed to explain in the right way my problem!!!

Hello there, thanks for contacting Cloudflare.

I raised the support ticket 2727960 to address your questions. You should receive an update on the email address associated with your website

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it.
I would like to know simply which Cloudflare’s values I have to set in my Aruba’s panel to point my domain.
In this moment I have try to set Record A and CNAME that I have in Cloudflare’s DNS panel but unsuccessfully.

Hello, have you any news about ticket 272796…?
Could I know which records use to set the pointing to…?

Hello everyone, I’m trying to solve my problem to pointing my Aruba’s domain but I have not solve anything.
Aruba’s help service said to me to change a setting on “Record A” and leaving the host name empty, but now I have a new type of error as by attacched:

Could you help me to solve this problem? what kind of settings I have to config on Aruba so that pointing works fine!?!
Thanks and bye.

Hello, now I have this error trying to pointing to my website

Could anyone help me…?
Thanks and bye.

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Hi there,

Sorry for the delay in responding to your request. We have had an increase in tickets and this has caused our recent delays.

I raised this follow-up ticket 2752974 to address your questions. You should receive an update on the email address associated with your website