How to set up WAF for sub domain site with Pro Plan

We would like to purchase Pro plan for our application hosted on sub domain. The domain is not purchased from Cloudflare. While purchasing the said plan we are asked to enter the root domain. I just have doubt that after entering the root doamin can i able to manage the WAF for sub domain.

Please help me

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Yes you can.

Also, using the WAF Managed Rules on a Pro plan, you can add an exception for some particular or all Managed Rules to not trigger it / run it on a sub-domain.


Furthermore, you can enable or disable the WAF completly, or any other particular settings available to you depending on the Plan type via Page Rules, for a specific hostname or URI path.

For example, be it like enable the WAF only on naked-domain and disable it on, or enable Rocket Loader on sub only and disable on naked-domain, and so on. Or like disable caching and Security on some file or directory path, etc.

Other option would be, if you’d like to use Cloudflare only for your sub-domain, then either using some higher paid plan like Business or Enterprise.

Otherwise, you can use SSL for SaaS which could do it only on your sub-domain, I think.


Thanks a lot

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