How to set up the Mail DNS Record

cloudflare suggests ["Grey-cloud” your mail-related DNS records so mail traffic isn’t proxied through Cloudflare.] to ensure mail settings on the right track.

whether should I uncheck two A records, named mail and webmail, from status [Proxied] to [DNS only], or cloudflare just means setting MX records to grey-cloud instead setting A records.
Should I do the step showed in image?

Thank you.

You can leave webmail set to :orange:, since that’s actually a web server (HTTP/S) and not a mail server (POP/IMAP/SMTP). It’s just a web interface to reach a mail server. So just your ‘mail’ entry should be set to :grey:.

Is something not working?

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Thank you for ur answer. We are just in testing now using a simple site, and just want to confirm every settings to try to avoid any problem when we decide to move our site to cloudflare.

So just keep all the A records in Proxied status(Orange), though it is mail-related, because these records are web server rather than a mail server. Is my understanding right?:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Everything non HTTP(S) related on the ports below should be set to :grey:

webmail. :orange: since it’s HTTPS and usually communicates with the mailserver internally

mail. :grey: because you need POP/IMAP/SMTP ports reachable.

Both could of course be the same server, but mail clients can’t connect to it, if is proxied :orange: and would just get a time out.

The following ports are proxied by Cloudflare:

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Thank you. Much clear now.:smiley:

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