How to set up subdomain

Hi, I am a bit confused as to where I need to set up some new subdomains. I am hosting my site through but have changed the nameservers and completed the Cloudflare setup so that I am now hosting through Cloudflare (still paying for domain with namesco).

I have then gone to the DNS records in Cloudflare and added a new A record for each subdomain. Using as my main domain I have entered:

type = A
name = test
content = IP address for my main domain

Hoping that this will be enough to have created as a subdomain. Is this all I need to do or do I need to do something in as well? It could be that I have actually done this correctly, I can’t test as there is no content pointing at yet - I am creating the subdomains in preparation for a web agency to set up the site on it.



It is enough DNS and Cloudflare wise, but your webserver also needs to take that hostname into account and that’s something you need to configure at your host’s.

Okay, thanks, @sandro. So would that be where I have purchased and am hosting the original domain from ( or would it be configured in my Azure Web App that is delivering the site?

Names seems to be just your registrar. You need to do this at your host’s, which appears to be Microsoft here.

Bottom line, your webserver needs to know how to handle that hostname too. Currently you only have the DNS setup.

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Okay, great, I’ll have a look in Azure - thanks for your help @sandro

Also, make sure your webserver’s certificate also covers that new hostname, otherwise you might get a 526 error because Cloudflare cannot verify the certificate.

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