How to set up SSL to point to an IP Address?

First time here and not sure what I’m doing lol but however I do have a question that someone out there may help me with. I want to point an SSL to an IP Address I’m not very tech minded and from what iv seen so far ie on youtube and other places you have to use a shell or some other types of programmes to make this possible. like I said before I’m not tech-minded and I’m lost when it comes to coding and stuff. but I was wondering if there was a much easier way of doing this may be on Cloudflare or some other ways. Please help

thank you

You don’t really point SSL to an IP address.

SSL is a protocol, which is used to encrypt data. In the context of web hosting the term SSL is typically “abused” for certificates, which are used for the authentication of the web server.

A web certificate comes with a list of hostnames for which it is valid. These hostnames are usually FQDNs but can be IP addresses as well, even though the latter is less common.

If you need a certificate for an IP address, then I am afraid Cloudflare won’t be the right place for you and you will need a traditional certificate CA. Cloudflare is exclusively working on domain and hostname levels.

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