How to set up SPF in CLOUDFLARE?

hello, I am purchasing an email account through Office 365, I also want to set up SPF for that email account ?
I know Cloudflare allows you to set up the
Through their interface?
Will I be able to set up those records using the Cloudflare interface when I purchase my email from office 365 ? Or will I need to set those up using the Microsoft interface ?


Thank you for asking.

Yes by using the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard you can create the needed DNS records.

My best guess is you’d have to enable some of those features firstly at Microsoft interface, therefore you’d be provided with the needed DNS hostname and specific value for it which you then add to the DNS tab of CF dashboard of your domain name.

Helpful articles and tutorials in case if needed:

In case you get stuck somewhere, kindly feel free to ask further questions so we could double-check some things and validate what we can, except if in some cases the Cloudflare Support team has to help you if we cannot troubleshoot it further.

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