How to set up MX record in CFlare?

I am using namecheap to register, and am pointing that domain to Amy and Guy CFlare servers.

In turn that domain is going to Clickfunels. I am using Cfunnels SMTP servers to send email.

But I need to set up an MX record in Cflare. I cannot find how to do this. Can anyone tell me how?

Thank you.

There are a number of Clickfunnel Q&A here but to create mail records in Cloudflare, you’d add mail records in the Dashboard under the DNS tab.

Yes, thank you. I have added all the records but the MX record. I need to know how to configure the MX record. Do you know how? What do I need to put in the boxes?

Who ever you are using for your email should provide with the MX records that you need to set.

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