How to set up multiuser account?

This is supposed to explain how to set up a multiuser account:

… but I don’t see that option to “Select Account”, and there is no “Members” tab.

What’s wrong? Thanks!

From, you should see the top Menu that includes Members:

Hi sdayman,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, that’s what the support page says. I should see it. But I don’t.
I also don’t the “Menu” where you have it on your screenshot.

Did you set up your domain through Cloudflare, or did you do it at a web hosting partner?

Hi sdayman,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, that’s what I should see according to the support page, but I don’t.
On the dashboard, there is only a selector for one of the two sites that I have set up:

I searched around a bit more, and eventually I found it!
It is not, as it says on the page, on the dashboard. I need to go to either “Account home” or “Billing”.
Maybe you could correct (or clarify) that part in the docs. Thank you!

Hi @lausianne,

The linked article starts from the point of login, before a domain has been selected. Tagging @fallon and @jpugh to see if this can be made clearer in the docs, following your feedback.

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