How to set up mail server in Apple Mail?

I set up email in Cloudflare but not sure what to enter in Apple Mail settings “mail Server” field. I was using the mail server address from my host but it is not working. I figured I have to use a mail server from Cloudflare but not sure which that is.

Cloudflare email routing does not handle any of the email you send. It only forwards incoming email to the third-party address of your choosing.

To send email using your domain, you will need to configure your Apple Mail app to use an email account with a service that lets you send using your own domain.

Do I have to use the Cloudflare server for incoming email or can I use the host’s incoming server?

If I do choose to use Cloudflare’s incoming server than where do I find the correct address?

Normally you only would use the Cloudflare email routing if you don’t have an existing mail server for your domain and rather than set one up, you just want to forward your domain to another mailbox that already have elsewhere, such as a Gmail account, although it could really be any mailbox you control.

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Got it.

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