How to set up https:// to my domain name or link?


I have a domain name that needs to have https:// at the beginning of it. How would I be able to switch that? I am still working on others so I am going to have a total of 7 that I mite have to do the same thing to all 7. Is there a step by step on what I need to do so I can set each one off them to have the https:// ?


Meredith Allen


You can use the “Always use HTTPS” feature on the Crypto tab once you verify that by typing that it renders as you expect. The “Always use HTTPS” feature would redirect any request sent to to https instead.


Ok, so when I sign into my account were do I go or what do I need to do? I
didn’t see anything like that my first go round.

Meredith Allen


First make sure your certificate is actually issued and active on the site by manually typing https:// in fron of your domain. Then on the tab labeled Crypto in the menu bar there is a section labeled “Always use HTTPs” whihc you would want to enable if https is working in your previous test.


My domain right now is http:// and need https://

Do I put http:// any were?


Meredith Allen


Hi there. Log in to your account on Cloudflare and navigate to the Crypto tab:

Scroll down a bit to find:

Make sure this is set to ‘On’


Do I need to do a plan or pay any fees just to switch 7 http:// links to
https:// each?


Meredith Allen


You can do this on the free plan.


After I turn on the “Always use HTTPS” do I need to do anything else​ for
my website? And how long does it take until it is available with the HTTPS?


Hi. I am assuming that you have already added your site(s) to Cloudflare and also changed your nameservers at your registrar to the provided Cloudflare nameservers, as outlined in this article

Assuming this is all complete, there is nothing left to do other than to enable ‘Always use HTTPS.’

It may take 24 hours for Cloudflare to issue you a certificate. You can check the status by navigating to the ‘Crypto’ tab and looking at the top of the page in the SSL section at the status:

If this shows ‘Active’ then you are good-to-go!


How can I get my account or first link checked or what not? It’s still in
the 24 hour status and it hasn’t changed.

I have done everything that I was told to.


Hey there. If you don’t see “Status Active Certificate” by this point as in the screenshot above, you may need to contact Cloudflare support directly: supportATcloudflareDOTcom

(Other users are experiencing this issue as well based on what I’ve seen posted here)