How to set up geo-targetting

Does Cloudflare offer geo-targetting functionality and if so how can I go about it?
Thank you in advance!


After a bit of digging, I found this post that may be useful:

Hope it helps!

You can also add the ‘Add visitor location headers’ Managed Transform on a zone to add other headers that contain city/latitude/longitude/etc


Thanks, Perhabs is a re-direct that I am looking for; That is because what I will like to do is to serve the site in either language according to country code?

If you have different URLs for different countries, you can use this Worker:

Thank you, what part of the code I should use; if you can guide me?

If you can’t hire a developer to write your code, I suggest you get an account on the Cloudflare Developers Discord Server and show them what you’re working on.