How to set up full-redirect between domains

task is
there is
I want to redirect to

found the rules setting
or maybe there is a simpler one from domain to domain?

I studied the documentation but I still do not understand what I need to do

Hello there,

Simpler one could be page rule. Here’s the guide:

You may use this option as well. Just follow the steps mentioned in the doc


Forwarding URL (Status Code: 301 - Permanent Redirect, Url:

not redirect

If you’ve followed the steps and enabled the redirect, & doesn’t produce result, then there could be other possible issues. Did you try checking other browser or device or incognito mode? Clear browser cache or flush system cache.

An important addition, NS servers are registered on 1 domain
the other one doesn’t have them.
The task of such a redirect rule is only necessary so that users do not confuse our site, since it may look similar in a different way