How to Set Up Email

Who can give me step-by-step exact instructions on how to send and receive email on my ISP when using Cloudflare.

I have a great ISP - I was on the phone with them for 45 minutes and they could not figure it out with me.

Since I must have email, I have switched my name servers back to my ISP unless and until Cloudflare or someone can help me set up my email so that it works.

Did I mention I was on the phone with my ISp for 45 minutes and they could not figure it out with me?

Very exact, step-by-step do this, then do this, then do this, instructions - that’s what I need.

Thanks a lot!


This is what we have regarding email delivery issues:

If you need more detailed help, please post your domain name.

hi, try change domain name and cooki-pn

Thank you sdayman.

Yep, found that, even read it to my ISP provider, and after 45 minutes, we both gave up.

Unfortunately, it’s not laid out in an exact, step-by-step process. It’s written for techies who already know Cludflare - a common problem in all tech circles.

For $20/month for the service, I’d expect live tech support who can troubleshoot set up.

So instead of $20/month recurring fee, Cloudflare will get $0 when I cancel.

My email finally came back online after being down for 6 hrs because I switched my DNS off Cloudflare and back to my ISP.

Hi @larry4,

Also posted on the feedback thread as I have updated the tutorial to reflect your feedback.

On your specific issue, now you have paused Cloudflare on your site, I can’t tell exactly what the issue is, but check you have the following:

MX record - name:, value:

Should look like:

with the values changed.

A record - name: mail value: ***.227.***.3 Proxy: :grey:
I didn’t want to post your full origin IP address here as it is sensitive info. Replace the * with your full IP.

Should look like:

with the values changed.

Thank you domjh. I have been talking with support directly and they gave me the settings to use and provided a screenshot of exactly what my settings should look like.

I made the changes and turned on Cloudflare. However, after about 18 hours, both emails stopped working. I have paused Cloudflare as per their instructions and my emails are working again. We are still trying to figure it out.

Thank you for your help.

Given that you are already in discussions with support in this, I would suggest you continue there as two different points of view may confuse the issue!

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