How to set-up DNS Records?

Hello! I’ve bought a Domain at Cloudflare itself, and the DNS Records came empty. I tried searching for tutorials on how to solve this, and all of them tell to go to your registrar hoster to get info, like Ipv4. In my case, I don’t have such a thing, because my domain was bought at Cloudflare.

How do I register it? How do I get these info? (I have 0 experience in this hosting area, and the documentation sounded too vague for me)

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What are you planning on doing with your domain name? What service providers will you be using to deliver those services?


I have no idea what do you mean with this.

But basicaly all I wanna use to display images and keep my followers updated about a project, no sales or logins.

That is not something that is included with a domain here at Cloudflare.

When you purchase such a service somewhere else, you can then create a DNS entry with their IP address to connect your domain.

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I got it, but how do I proceed then?

You first need to build your website. Find a company that offers a product that you like and build your website there.

Well…there is Pages, which is free, and you can upload a static site there:

And assign it to your domain name:

I’ve used templates from for basic sites, then drag & drop into Pages.


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