How to set up DNS records for cloudflare

I bought a domain from cloudflare, and I noticed that the DNS records are empty, how can I add those records? I’m a new guy to DNS thing.

Hi tjbleo616,

Welcome to Cloudflare! I understand that setting up DNS records might be a new experience for you, but don’t worry – I’m here to guide you through the process. Follow these steps to add DNS records for your website, application, and optimize performance:

Login to Cloudflare Dashboard:
Visit Cloudflare
Log in with your credentials.

Select Your Domain:
Once logged in, select the domain you purchased from Cloudflare.

Go to DNS Settings:
Navigate to the “DNS” section in the Cloudflare dashboard.

Add A Records for Your Website:
Look for the “A” (Address) record section.
Add a new record for your website by entering the domain (e.g., www) in the “Name” field and the IP address of your web server in the “IPv4 address” field.

Add CNAME Records for Your Application:
If your application uses a subdomain (e.g., app.yourdomain .com), add a CNAME record.
Enter the subdomain in the “Name” field and the target domain or server in the “Domain name” field.

Optimize Performance with Cloudflare Records:
Cloudflare provides performance-boosting features like CDN and security.
Ensure that your DNS records have the orange cloud icon enabled (proxied through Cloudflare) for improved performance.

Save Your Changes:
After adding the necessary records, make sure to save your changes.

Verify DNS Propagation:
Keep in mind that DNS changes may take some time to propagate. You can use online tools to check the status of your DNS propagation.

Feel free to reach out if you encounter any issues or have further questions. The Cloudflare community is also a great place to seek help and share experiences.

Best regards,
Francisco Barros

I don’t know the IPv4 address of my web server, I bought the domain from Cloudflare.I thought these records should be added automatically after I bought the domain. Could you tell me where can I find the IPv4 address for all of these DNS records?

Cloudflare does not offer traditional style hosting, you need to set the DNS records to point at your existing web host.

If you don’t have one, you will need to choose one and set up for that, or consider Cloudflare pages…

Hi tjbleo616… it’s really not that bad. Cloudflare can’t automatically set up your records, because they don’t know where you have your mail and hosting services. Normally those come after registering the domain… do you already have a web hosting and email account somewhere?

Your web host would provide your IP address for the web hosting… IF you already have a hosting location you are paying for.

If you post your hosting IP and/or the name of your webhost here (if you already have one) and also who is providing your email, I can help you with the entries.

OK, I bought a domain from hostinger, and established my website, but I can’t transfer the domain to Cloudflare because of the 60 days limitation. After changing the Nameservers to these:
, I can see the DNS records are all in the Cloudflare, Does this mean I can add CNAME for the website or do I still need to wait for the 60 days? And is this what you called hosting service? Sorry, I’m a new guy who want to make a white label for my website. I’m not sure if these confuses you.

The 60 days only refers to transferring the domain name. You don’t need to do that for things to work. You can just add a CNAME to the DNS records in your dashboard or edit any of the imported records.

I tried plenty of times, but the white label team told me they can’t find the records. That’s why I bought a domain from cloudflare, and noticed that it contains none DNS records.

If the CNAME record is proxied, it won’t appear publically and return an A record when the hostname is queried. You can unproxy (set to “DNS only”) the CNAME and they will see it. Cloudflare protections can’t then be applied to this host though.

These are all types I can create, which one is DNS only then?

Select CNAME and enter the details. There will be a switch to set “proxied” or “DNS only”.

Hostinger doesn’t provide this setting

You wanted to set up DNS in Cloudflare?

If you are doing it in your host then you aren’t using Cloudflare.

If not transfered, can I set it up in Cloudflare?
I saw Cloudflare has this setting

You need to “add” your site to Cloudflare, not transfer it.

Instructions are here to guide you through it…

I added it to Cloudflare, and the DNS records content are different from GoDaddy DNS records, shall I correct them?

I think what you mean is, you bought the domain from GoDaddy and set up DNS there, you bought hosting with Hostinger and now you want to add Cloudflare? Is that what you have and are trying to do?

I acturally added cloudflare, Godaddy, Hosinger domain on cloudflare now, my white label website is on Cloudflare, and I need to and CNAME and other DNS records for the white label. I’m not sure which domain is available for this task.

Hi… just to help you clarify and see the big picture…

  1. the domain registration is just a license to uniquely use that domain (set of numbers and letters)… it doesn’t resolve or point anywhere, and does nothing else. You can register a domain with any domain seller. Some are web hosts, some are not.

  2. Nameservers are the two domains like (ns1. domain. com, daisy. nc. cloudflare. com) listed at the bottom (usually) of the domain record, and set through your domain registrar. Your registrar provides access to your domain record and allows you to set which name servers control your domain.

  3. Hosting is the provision of online server “storage” space rented to you, that you can point your domain name at, and where you upload your website files to. Email is similar.

*Nameservers do NOT point your domain… they contain a “zone file” for your domain (and normally many other domains) that does. You access your zone file through whomever is providing the name servers you assigned and want to use. (this can be cloudflare, hostinger, godaddy…)

So you can register your domain wherever you wish, assign Cloudflare name servers to that domain record through your registrar, and then go to Cloudflare to set up your zone file inside those name servers.

You don’t need to “transfer” your domain record (and wait 60 days)… just enter the Cloudflare name servers in the name server fields of your domain record at its current registrar. Then go to Cloudflare, add your domain to your account, and then set up the pointing fields… the A, MX, CNAME records etc. for that domain.

You are mentioning multiple domains, which is confusing. Did you actually register multiple domains, or just add one domain to multiple accounts like Hostinger and Cloudflare?


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