How to set up DKIM for domain email in cloudflare?

Hi all,

I have a domain email set up on Namecheap. I hooked the domain on Cloudflare.

Now I have an account in Aweber where I would like to use the domain email
to send out emails.

Aweber needed me to set up DKIM for the domain email. I have no idea how to
set it up. I pasted the host and value on Cloudflare DNS.

I am not sure if this is correct as Aweber account keep alerting me that the status
of CNAME and TXT is not installed.

I hope anyone who encountered this and solved it before could help me out.



Make sure those CNAMEs are set to :grey: (Click the :orange: to change it).

If you need any more assistance, please post a screenshot of the relevant DNS records.


I changed the CNAME to DNS Only. However, the problem still persists.


Can you post the Cloudflare records you entered?

The CNAMEs are working. It may take time for their DNS cache to refresh.

And as the error says, you can only have one SPF record. Here’s a recent thread:

Thank you so much.

I shall wait for the DNS cache to refresh.

I will combine those SPF.

Thanks once again.


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The SPF were installed but are still waiting for the CNAME to be install.

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