How to set up DigitalOcean App platform custom domains?

I have a site setup using DigitalOceans app platform, following this guide here. All went well and now I am in the process of adding the custom domain as per this guide here. It is at the stage where it asks me to:

As I am new and do not yet fully understand DNS records, I am confused as to what I fill in on the cloudlflare side of things. I click “Add Record” set the type to CNAME, and then I have my custom domain of for this case, and the one digital ocean has given me (the one in the CNAME alias box above) but I don’t know which to put in the “Name” and which to put in the “Target” nor what I should set the proxy status or TTL to. Any help appreciated.

Depends where you want the website to be - if you want it to be on the root of your domain (i.e rather than a subdomain (i.e then set up a CNAME record with the Name of @ and the Target of that CNAME Alias in the screenshot provided by DigitialOcean.

I tried this, and get an error saying a CNAME, A, or AAAA with this host already exists…I only have one other CNAME, and its name is set to “www” and its target to my domain registrars parking page…I also don’t have any subdomains or anything, this is a simple static site, it only has one URL,

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