How to set up connection to SFTP?

How to set up connection to SFTP?

I’m using a CloudFlare proxy for a subdomain, but how do I set up the option to connect to SFTP under the same subdomain? I don’t need an SFTP proxy, I just want to point the ip user to connect (maybe srv record …).

  • :grey: the record to bypass Cloudflare
  • set up a different hostname to connect to via SFTP
  • upgrade to Cloudflare Enterprise w/ Spectrum and set up an SFTP app and an HTTP app
  • use to origin IP instead of a hostname in the SFTP connection
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Thanks for the quick reply, which is in short impossible for my case. It is a pity that SRV cannot be set for SFTP, but CF has no effect on this.

Doesn’t Spectrum still require you to set up a special subdomain for this?

Great question!

No. :face_with_monocle:

With Spectrum you can configure each application/port on a hostname to a different origin IP. And in addition to TCP/UDP options (which will go direct* to origin) there is an https option which will send the traffic through Cloudflare’s normal :orange: style pipeline. :exploding_head:

* TCP now also support Argo Smart Routing, so ‘direct’ is relative.

That is spectacular! :fireworks:

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