How to set up Cloudflare Pro when hosting is with GoDaddy but domain is with another registrar


We have a “.ae” domain provided by the telecom provider in UAE, where we are based. However, our hosting is with GoDaddy.

We just took the Cloudflare Pro subscription and are trying to add the Cloudflare nameserver. However, our domain does not show up in the Domain Center in GoDaddy as it isn’t purchased from them. Therefore, the steps outlined in the tutorials/ videos about activating Cloudflare with GoDaddy domains are not applicable to us.

Can someone please help?

Many thanks

I think this should help you.

You will need to manually add your site.

Manually add it how?

Could you please elaborate?

Many thanks

Click the link, scroll down to Add a domain to Cloudflare and follow the instructions

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